Latest macOS Sierra Beta Warns You if Display is Using Significant Energy


Apple's latest macOS Sierra beta for developers has an interesting little feature addition in the power department: it warns the user when the display is drawing significant energy.

Is Your MacBook Display Using Significant Energy? macOS Sierra Will Tell You

If you have the latest macOS Sierra beta installed on your MacBook right now, you'll notice an interesting change under the battery stats menu bar entry. If you have brightness set to full, macOS will inform you if the display is using up significant energy. But that's not all though, instead of listing the usual battery drainers as 'Apps Using Significant Energy,' Apple has relabeled it has 'Using Significant Energy.' But of course, this change is applicable to the beta version of macOS Sierra for now.

Apple Releases Security Update For macOS Sierra And El Capitan Addressing Meltdown

Given the amount of time macOS Sierra 10.12.3 has spent with a beta tag, it's quite possible the final build will see the light of day anytime now. If we are to take a wild guess, either the update should arrive this week, or early on in the next one. Whatever the case might be, we will inform our readers about it nonetheless.

When it comes to battery life, Apple is not seeing rosy fields presently. Take the new 2016 MacBook Pro for instance, which has managed to shower itself with quite a bit of controversy in pretty much every department you can think of, including battery life.

The notebook is claimed to last 10 hours on a single charge, but different tests revealed that is not the case. Interestingly, Apple addressed battery life related issues with an update to macOS, but at the same time removed the estimated time remaining prompt as Cupertino considered it slightly flawed. Now, the company is taking another turn (for the battery, hopefully) by adding to the roster whether or not your display is drawing a fair amount of energy.

If you do see the display energy warning pop up, the simple solution to the problem is to lower the display brightness there and then. Although you will be left with dull visuals, but hey, you will end up with significantly better battery life.