Latest Google Photos for iOS Update Adds AirPlay Support for Apple TV


Google Photos for iOS version 2.14 has been released and it lets you stream your photos and videos to an Apple TV.

Have an Apple TV But no Chromecast? Don't Worry, You Can Stream Your Photos & Videos to the Big Screen

Ever since its big release on iOS a couple of years back, Google Photos never had the ability to stream photos or video straight onto an Apple TV using AirPlay. While people will be quick to point out that you still could using AirPlay Mirroring, but that doesn't quite cut the mustard compared to proper, native streaming of content over a protocol that has been around for years.

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The latest Google Photos for iOS update changes everything, allowing users to stream their photo and video library using AirPlay straight onto an Apple TV. This means you don't have to fiddle around with AirPlay Mirroring just to get your snaps on the big screen. And if you don't own a Chromecast either, then you are absolutely golden with the latest release, provided you have an Apple TV in the first place.

The full changelog of the update is as follows:

• View photos and videos on your TV using AirPlay
• Performance improvements

The latest Google Photos update is being pushed out to everyone over the air and it's likely that you have the latest build installed on your iPhone or iPad already. If you don't for some reason, then you may head straight over to the download page by tapping on the link below.

Compared to Apple's very own iCloud Photo Library, Google Photos is a great way to backup your photos and videos in the cloud. If you opt for high quality uploads instead of original, then you'll be pleased to learn that you can upload unlimited content in the cloud. And the best thing is that you can access your photos and videos from any platform at all straight from the Web.

If you haven't already, I suggest giving Google Photos a try right away. The convenience and tools that it provides to organize photos is simply unprecedented.