Latest Apple Patent Shows Curved Displays For Future iPhones


While we wait for the imminent arrival of Apple’s iPhone 6c, a new patent application shows that the next iPhone is going to packing something different other than its hardware.

iPhone 6s 3

Latest Apple Patent Shows That The Next iPhone Might Feature A Curved Display Surrounding The Front Of Its Chassis

According to the patent details, Apple has given into curved displays, possibly because of what the company’s executives witnessed during this year’s 2016 CES trade show. It is expected that the company is going to dump LCD screens in favor of a flexible OLED solution by 2018. LCD screens also have a habit of behaving erratically in cold weather and with the incorporation of OLED panels, it will be make future mobile devices belonging to the company even more efficient when it comes to battery conservation. Despite the fact that the company has filed a plethora of patents, including one where it shows that iPhone users will be able to store data on cloud servers through fingerprint recognition, we have yet to see the most interesting patents of the company physically present on its iPhones.


However, seeing as how several manufacturers have begun their transition of incorporating OLED displays into their mobile devices due to their obvious benefits, it is only a matter of time before Apple also jumps into the same bandwagon. Coming back to the patent details, it was submitted last September and was approved in this week and describes an ‘electronic device with a wrapped display’. We are not sure what to make of this, but it is possible that the company will be looking to mimic the same approach that Samsung has used for its Edge series of the smartphones, and thereby, add additional functionality to their already impressive lineup.


However, we will have to wait for a considerably long period because it appears that the first iteration of an Apple iPhone sporting an OLED panel will commence from 2018 and we will be updating you accordingly on this front when we come across more details. Unfortunately, seeing as how the company’s previous patents are always stuck in limbo and not actually implemented, we fear that this particular one will also meet the same fate, but still, one can continue to pray. What do you guys think of the latest approved patent from Apple? Should the company continue to use LCD panels or is it high time that the firm starting taking advantage of OLED screens? You be the judge.