LastPass Password Manager Goes Subscription-Free For Mobile

It makes sense to use a password manager because an increasing number of credentials are being stolen in major data breaches. LastPass and its competitors ensure the safe keeping of your passwords across all devices. To encourage users to make the leap, LastPass has freed its subscription on mobile devices as well as tablets. The company announced on Tuesday, citing that there will be no further need to sign up for any subscription to access LastPass's features. Henceforth, syncing your password across different operating systems is made available without paying a dime.

However, if a user is in dire need of more features and more security then upgrading to a LastPass Premium Subscription is available for an annual fee of $12. Similarly, if you want to upgrade to LastPass Enterprise then it will cost an annual fee of $24 per user.

Let's dive in and see the subscription details.

LastPass Updated With Free Subscription On Mobile

The subscription-free LastPass grants you access to an unlimited number of devices. All of the previous features remain intact to the free version that lets you manage your digital life and logins at one place. LastPass Premium has access to Shared Folders where you have the availability to share your passwords with others. You also get more protection with Premium multi-factor as well as customer priority support. The Enterprise version is available for big and small teams with Cloud Single Sign-On option. It includes Shared Folders with customized permissions, AD integration, Unified Admin control, Automated Provisioning and much more.

First time users can sync data across the same type of devices without the need to upgrade to the LastPass Premium version. LastPass CEO, Joe Siegrist stated:

"People often hear about useful apps on the go and want to get started right away from their smartphone. This new freemium model allows LastPass users to get started with our password manager on the device of their choice".

The centralized password store is another provisional attempt made by LastPass that deals in providing a set of secure passwords for services which has user profile details. It can be further used to auto-complete mobile forms. It also features a security test and the ability to update automated passwords to secure users. The feature that makes LastPass an amazing password manager is the fact that users only need to remember a single password. If you have a single password to remember, you can make it more complex for more security.

LastPass for Mac is still available with a 14-day free trial. Users can download LastPass For Mac and LastPass For iOS here.

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