Larger MacBook Air Models Rumored To Be Introduced At Apple’s Next Event


Looks like after a long time, Apple is rumored to introduce a refreshed lineup of its MacBook Air notebooks at its next event, and there are going to be several improvements from the upcoming machines that we can expect.

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MacBook Air Models Rumored To Come With 13 And 15 Inch Screen Size Variants And Improved Hardware

According to a rumor, Apple will be introducing both a 13 and a 15 inch model of its MacBook Air models at the company’s WWDC 2016. Both of these notebooks are obviously going to be running Intel’s 14nm Skylake processors, but at this point, we are unsure what model is going to be running inside these machines. However, there is one major change that Apple could be making when it officially announces its new MacBook Air lineup; removing the 11 inch models from the equation.

One primary reason why Apple could be doing is because the company had already introduced a Broadwell powered 12 inch MacBook, negating the need for an 11 inch notebook altogether. Previously, both of MacBook Air models featured a screen size less that was less than 15 inches, with one model possessing a screen of 13 inches, while the other one had an 11.6 inch screen. Both machines had either a Core-i5 or Core-i7 CPU present underneath their hoods, so it is very unlikely that a Core M Skylake processor is going to be a part of the hardware.

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However, we strongly hope that Apple does not follow the same approach as it did with its 12 inch MacBook. By sacrificing raw power and several ports, Apple introduced a single Type-C USB port, which fulfilled the purpose of charging your machine as well as providing high-speed data transfers. This time, we hope to see more than one Type-C USB port in the upcoming MacBook Air models, along with several connectivity ports, since a high level of flexibility will always sell well for consumers worldwide.

At this point, the only lead we have is that both MacBook Air models are going to come in both the 13 inch and 15 inch screen size models. Other than that, we have nothing to go on. However, we will be treating this report with a grain of salt and wait for more updates to come through. Hopefully, we will not be left disappointed with Apple’s latest offerings. What are the features that you want to see from the upcoming MacBook Air models? Do tell us your thoughts.

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