Kyn Gameplay Trailer Shows Epic ARPG Viking Inspired Action

The Horrors of Kyn trailer shows us but a small taste of the violent action that you'll encounter in this Norse myth inspired ARPG.

Viking violence is demonstrated in this new trailer for Kyn.

This new trailer showcases some very thrilling combat that you'll likely face in Kyn, with hordes of enemies surrounding you even as you try to delicately solve challenging puzzles. It's not all about combat, however, as you'll be able to explore quite the expansive world an enjoy an extensive crafting system to help outfit your six legendary warriors.

Kyn is currently available for pre-order and includes a great pre-order bonus, the ‘Legendary Fire Master Set’ a fire enchanted armor set. Kyn can be pre-ordered from Steam, GOG, Gamers Gate, Direct2Drive, Greenman Gaming and Uplay.

In Kyn players will get to control up to six different party members as they travel through a dark fantasy world inspired by Norse mythology. Each warrior can be equipped with specialized skills and abilities depending on their playing style. Throughout their adventure gamers will be able to pick up valuable loot and craft useable items to help take down tough enemy opponents.  The game’s modern strategic combat system also allows gamers to slow down time to place their warriors in specific locations for a more tactical approach to taking down the tougher enemies and boss characters.

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