Kingston Showcases HyperX T1, HyperX Genesis and HyperX Limited Edition Memory with Redesigned Heat Spreaders

Hassan Mujtaba

Leading Memory Manufacturer, Kingston displayed its HyperX T1, HyperX Genesis and HyperX Limited Edition Memory modules which feature redesigned Heat Spreaders at CES 2012. The HyperX Series T1 Memory utilize a new Heatsink which provides a fresher look, well suited for Intel's X79 Platform.

Kingston's previous memory came with huge heat spreaders which made it difficult to install on enthusiast level PC's since the CPU heatsinks kept interfering with it. The new design is much shorter featuring the Blue Color Theme and a Black Strip line in the middle. The HyperX T1's size was compared to other memory modules from Kingston which includes HyperX Genesis and HyperX Limited Edition.

Specifications of the HyperX T1 Series Memory is unknown however they would be available in Quad Channel Kits when launched and would be Intel XMP 1.3 Profile Ready for heavy overvlocking. The Limited Edition Series would be available in Memory Kits of upto 8GB with DDR3-1600Mhz Frequency while the HyperX Genesis would be High Density Modules available in 8x8GB Kits capable of DDR3-2400Mhz

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