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KINGMAX Announces DDR3 2200MHz Quad Channel Overclocking Memory Modules


Upon entering 2012, world renowned memory manufacturer KINGMAX has already announced the launching of its latest quad channel DDR3 2200MHz overclocking memory module series. Not only does this series support the Intel X79 series but it also processes 4 times faster than the conventional single channel products. It is certainly the best candidate for overclocking performance and a smooth internet experience.

The new series of DDR3 quad channel overclocking module from KINGMAX is designed for optimizing the maximum performance on X79 related motherboard. The main clock rate of this series is set as 1333 MHz, but it is also available in 1600MHz, 2000MHz and 2200MHz. Intel X79 is an upgrade from the previous X58 series, thus building on the X79 platform means KINGMAX’s DDR3 quad channel overclocking module offers even better performance and system stability. Moreover, this series of modules unleashes the top performance of Intel Core™ i7-3930K processor and takes gamers, overclocking enthusiasts and digital content producers to a never –before level of experience.

KINGMAX DDR3 module utilizes only the IC chips of highest quality to ensure each module is 100% compatible to other hardware and is Intel XMP (Extreme Memory Profiles) ready so it is able to auto execute overclocking. KINGMAX‘s exclusive TinyBGATM technology is applied to produce chips that are small, cools down fast, low power consumption, less electrical interference and various advantages. Thus making overclocking accessible even for entry-level overclocking enthusiast.

KINGMAX DDR3 2200MHz quad channel overclocking Memory Series is manufactured under a lead-free production process. All products adhere to the RoHS standard, and are certified by CE and Intel XMP. All KINGMAX products come with warranty to provide 100% satisfaction guarantee to customers.


  • ‧ Compatible to all DDR3 quad channel computer platforms
  • ‧ Intel X79 chips support
  • ‧ Manufactured under lead-free production process
  • ‧ TinyBGATM Technology yields various advantages: chips are small, cools down fast, low power consumption, large capacity, less electrical interference
  • ‧ 100% compatibility and stability
  • ‧ RoHs and CE certified


‧ 240-pin DDR3 1333MHz / 1600MHz / 2000MHz / 2200MHz

‧ CAS-Latency:

- 1333MHz:CL=9
- 1600MHz:CL=9
- 2000MHz:CL=9
- 2200MHz:CL=10

‧ Memory bandwidth

- 1333MHz (10.6GB/sec)
- 1600MHz (12.8GB/sec)
- 2000MHz (16.0GB/sec)
- 2200MHz (17.6GB/sec)

‧ Capacity: quad channel– 4GB/8GB/16GB
‧ Voltage: 1.5~1.6v
‧ Lifetime warranty