Killing Floor 2 Dev: PS4 Pro “Enabled Us To Get An “In” On A Surge of Interest”


Killing Floor 2 was recently released on PC and PS4 with support for Sony’s PS4 Pro console as well. The game is developed by Tripwire Interactive, and according to the studio’s CEO, PS4 Pro support really helped the over-the-top horror shooter to become more popular.

That’s what the Tripwire Interactive’s vice president, Alan Wilson, hinted said during a recent interview with website alistdaily.

Killing Floor 2 was released last month as the sequel to 2009’s Killing Floor, which was only released for PC.

“We’ve poured our heart and soul into perfecting Killing Floor 2, seeing all of the community feedback from the Early Access phase was invaluable, and to see the game’s full release today is truly overwhelming,” said John Gibson, President of Tripwire Interactive last month. "We wanted to give existing fans the visceral action that this longstanding franchise is known for, as well as offer new fans a chance to experience the brutal joy that millions of gamers already know and love. Launching Killing Floor 2 for the PC, and for the first time ever on consoles via the PlayStation 4 Pro and PlayStation 4 symbolizes the next step for us at Tripwire Interactive and we could not be more ecstatic.” 

In the interview with alistdaily, Tripwire Interactive’s CEO talked about popularizing and expanding the Killing Floor franchise by releasing the game on PS4 with support for the PS4 Pro.

According to Wilson, PS4 Pro support allowed Tripwire to get into Sony’s bigger-budget marketing campaign and enable them to get into a flow of interest.

“The PS4 Pro certainly enabled us to get an “in” on a surge of interest”, Wilson said. “Apart from being able to show people how good the game looks by ourselves, it has also gotten us into Sony’s marketing alongside games with very much bigger marketing budgets than we can afford.”

It will be interesting to see how Killing Floor 2 sales on PS4 compare to PC sales. We will keep you updated. Our very own review of the game can be found here. If you're interested in a free Steam code, you might check out our giveaway.