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Jim Keller To Join Samsung As Chief Architect Claims Source


AMD fans all around were in for some bad news a month back when the company announced that its legendary CPU architect Jim Keller would be leaving the company. Keller joined AMD in 2012 and since then had been responsible for a variety of advancements for the company. These include the company's Zen architecture and K7/K8 processors that users have grown to love. Well, Keller might be contributing soon to another company, in the mobile world according to some information we've managed to get our hands on today.

Keller on the right.

Jim Keller To Join Samsung As Chief Architect Research & Development Claims Source

But while Keller's departure might have been bad news for AMD fans, looks like those belonging to the Samsung camp might be in for at treat soon. According to news from China, Keller might soon be joining Samsung, to work on the Korean manufacturer's mobile processor division. This won't be the first time he has helped developed mobile processor, as Keller was also involved in the development of Apple's A4 and A5s processors for the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4s respectively.

Keller will be joining Samsung's R&D centers in Austin, Texas as chief architect and will undoubtedly help the company further improve its mobile hardware offerings. After all, even though Samsung managed to gain quite a lead for itself with the debut of the 14nm FinFET for mobile processors, its competitors including TSMC are eager to catch up and are quickly developing their responses as well.

Samsung's fab in Austin.

In fact, TSMC might be looking to make a strong comeback next year with the company already having started shipments of its 16nm FinFET + chips. It might also win over Apple completely for the iPhone 7 through using an Integrated Fan-Out design for mobile processors, which reduces the area between the PCB and CPU to a bare minimum.

As far as Samsung goes, the Korean tech giant has got the resources to maintain its lead in the mobile world and with Keller joining its Austin Fab as chief architect for R&D, we should expect some fireworks from that end as well. Samsung's Austin plant is the largest in the United States so when it comes to resources, there should be no shortage for any quarter. But that's all speculation until either Keller or Samsung officially confirm the move. We'll keep our eyes open. Till then, stay tuned and let us know what you think in the comments section below.