Jet White iPhone 7 Leaks Again, This Time on an Instagram Account


Images of the Jet White iPhone 7 continue to pop up, but because it was believed that Apple would have announced it alongside the rest of the colored models and not make consumers wait unnecessarily, it seemed as if the beautiful crisp white color might not appear again. However, what is interesting to see here is that the Jet White iPhone 7 image has shown up again, and the image isn’t just any ordinary snap, but it is one shown on an Instagram account that is associated with Apple.

Jet White iPhone 7 Shows up On ‘beatsbydre’ Instagram Account Along With a Pair of Wireless Headphones

Taking a look at the image below, the Jet White iPhone 7 can vividly be seen laid next to a pair of wireless headphones, showing that perhaps a new color model is in the works. While you can see the Apple logo and the iPhone badge coupled with other details present at the bottom, there is one thing that you probably didn’t notice; the camera bulge. The interesting thing to note here is that while all the rest of the iPhone 7 models feature a camera bulge due to its thickness, what we’re looking at does not feature that bulge, so we’re not sure what to believe right now.

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Also, the fact that the iPhone’s image is actually captured and posted on an Instagram account that’s associated with Apple has got us even more confused as to whether or not the company is going to be launching a new color model down the line. Whatever Apple’s decision might be, we’ll definitely update you on further information as the story develops.

If this model does get released, would you consider purchasing one, or would you stick to the Jet Black version of the iPhone 7? Tell us your thoughts right away.