Japanese Folklore-Based RPG, A Credible Tale of Yokai, Robots & the Lunar Tourist, Heads to Kickstarter


A very intriguing and unique game is making its way to Kickstarter. A Credible Tale, its short name, is an RPG with influences from real Japanese folklore and it happens to be inspired by some of Square Enix's finest RPG's

A Credible Tale weaves real Japanese mythos in a classic 16-bit RPG

Inspired by Japanese folklore, A Credible Tale features accurate depictions of yōkai -- supernatural beings that appear throughout Japanese mythology. Every yōkai in A Credible Tale has its own unique A.I., which matches Japanese tradition. To stop the yōkai, the player will take control of Hiro and his companions, who discover the Moon Princess in the woods and suddenly find themselves responsible for the safety of the village.

The combat in A Credible Tale takes some great inspiration from popular action RPGs but it seems it has a distinct Eastern twist to it that should also be familiar. Every battle is fought in in real time using a combination of the team’s abilities and your town’s defenses.

You'll also get to enjoy base-building in a a hand drawn environment, with incredibly customizable skills and weapons. It looks like they're aiming for a PC, Mac, Linux and Xbox One release with a tentative release window of Q4 2016.

What's most interesting is how a real and tangible mythos is used as the basis for the story, that and the video does appear to show a very mature art style that seems to be a representation of traditional Japanese art. Also taking some creative license from successful past RPG's like The Secret of Mana and Chrono Trigger might make for a great riveting adventure. Does it seem like something you'd play in a somewhat large market of good RPG's?