Jade Empire Is Free On Origin For A Limited Time


Update 2: Jade Empire Special Edition is finally available on Origin as intended. Make sure to grab it now while it's still free!

Update: it seems like the game isn't listed for free anymore for some reason, which is weird since Peter Moore himself tweeted about it yesterday.


Original story: If you're a fan of Bioware roleplaying games, you might be happy to hear that Jade Empire: Special Edition is being offered for free on Origin via the "on the house" program. It will remain free only for a limited time, though, so get it soon if you want to play it.

Interestingly, you have to go to the store page of Jade Empire: Special Edition in order to see this and there's currently an error if you try to download the game - probably because the offer is still not official.

Jade Empire first released ten years ago as an Xbox exclusive and then came out on PC in 2007. To this date, it's the first and only foray of Bioware into the Wuxia genre; despite the game's very positive reception, it never spawned a sequel. The Special Edition includes the Monk Zeng character but not the Tien's Justice weapon style (both of which are available in the Limited Edition described above). Changes from the Xbox version include increased resolutions, up to 1600x1200 (1920x1200 in widescreen); new special effects and redrawn textures; two new martial styles, Iron Palm and Viper; a new rhino demon transformation; new monsters; new high level weapons; an improved AI, with enemies able to take cover more often; a new "Jade Master" difficulty level, with the ability to import saved games; a new world map interface; and keyboard/hotkey support. It also contains a bonus art book and poster.

As for the game itself, here's the product description of Jade Empire taken from the store page:

Become a Martial Arts Master

When danger threatens, you travel across the world, from the harsh mountains of the Land of Howling Spirits to the lush gardens of the Imperial City.

In your adventures you face powerful human and supernatural foes, learn exotic and magical martial arts, and discover the darkest secrets of the world.

Only by mastering the greatest fighting styles and defeating the most powerful enemies will you earn your place as a master of martial arts in the world of Jade Empire.

Jade Empire Features:

Experience an epic story and journey with unforgettable characters across a graphically beautiful, fantastic new world inspired by the myths and legends of ancient China. Jade Empire will immerse you in a deep, rich storyline from BioWare, developers of the Mass Effect and Dragon Age series. Sinister events upset the peaceful harmony of an isolated martial arts school, drawing you into a story that unfolds with drama, action, and adventure. Detailed followers and other non-player characters enrich the adventure by providing comic relief, rivalries, flirtations, and hostility. Stare in awe at the sweeping views of the lush environments, sheer vertical drops, and overpowering scale that provide the visual backdrop to the story. Confront wild outlaws, evil magicians, demonic incarnations, and other foul villains that protect the Jade Empire’s darkest secrets.

Become a martial arts master! Using the knowledge gained in crafting multiple story-based role playing games, BioWare sends you on a journey to become a martial arts master. Choose a character with a unique appearance, and a powerful combination of ability scores and fighting styles. You can choose to act for good or evil, and these decisions build your reputation, changing the course of interactions with other characters and followers. Take the role of a master of martial arts, and recruit followers to your cause in an interactive, living world.”