iTunes 12.5.3 Released – Features Bug Fixes Only

Uzair Ghani
iTunes 12.7 windows

iTunes 12.5.3 for Windows and Mac users has been released. The build features nothing new except bug fixes.

iTunes 12.5.3 Brings Nothing New to the Table - Features Bug Fixes & Performance Enhancements Only

Apple released iTunes 12.5.2 just a few days back and has followed up with a new point release of its music management software, iTunes 12.5.3. Interestingly, the new update features the exact same changelog from last week which led us to believe the new build features nothing more than bug fixes and performance enhancements, obviously. Nonetheless, you should not skip on this update and we highly recommend downloading it right now on your Mac or Windows PC.

Depending on the speed of your Internet connection, the total installation won't take more than 10 minutes maximum. And given if you utilize iTunes on a day to day basis in order to manage your music, listen to radio and sync your iPhone or iPad, then we highly recommend installing the update without giving it a second thought. It's quite possible the new release fixes something very critical which Apple overlooked in the previous release.

If you have a Mac, then you can grab the update right away from the Mac App Store. If you have automatic updates enabled on your computer then you don't have to worry about anything. Windows users can download the latest build by launching iTunes, then clicking on Help > Check for Updates. Latest updates will instantly show up so that you can install them right away.

Wrap Up

Being on the latest version of iTunes at all times is a smart thing to do, especially if you have a Windows PC to deal with. On Microsoft's desktop platform things aren't as rosy as its Mac counterpart, as performance tends to be choppy at best regardless of the improvements Apple throw into the mix with every single update. Therefore hit that update button whenever you see something new pop up for you to download.

We will keep our readers posted if there's a new build of iTunes out for download. Till then, make sure you have downloaded and installed iTunes 12.5.3 on your Mac or Windows PC.

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