iTunes 12.5.2 for Mac & Windows Now Available – Changelog

Uzair Ghani
iTunes 12.7 windows

Apple has released iTunes 12.5.2 download for Mac and Windows users. Here's what is new in the update as outlined in the official changelog.

iTunes 12.5.2 is a Bug Fix Release, Doesn't Add Anything New Features Wise

A new iTunes update is available over the air to those who have Apple's music management software installed on their PC or Mac. But before we dive into the download bit, here's the changelog of the update:

This update includes stability and performance improvements. It also:

-Fixes an issue where albums may play in an unexpected order
-Resolves a problem that prevented lyrics from appearing while listening to Beats 1

If you were expecting this new update to bring something new to the table in features department then you'll be left completely disappointed. Instead, iTunes 12.5.2 fixes a couple of bugs as outlined above. It'll fix an issue where albums might end up playing in an unexpected order. Furthermore, if you were having issues with lyrics while listening to Beats 1 radio, then that problem has been resolved as well in this update.

In order to update to the latest build of iTunes on your Mac, simply launch the Mac App Store first. Click on the Updates tab and wait for the iTunes update to appear. Once it does, simply click on the Update button next to it to initiate the download. You won't be required to restart your Mac so that's a huge plus.

If you're on Windows, then the update process is a little different. Launch iTunes and then click on Help. In the list of available options click on Check for Update. If there are any new updates they'll be presented to you, ready to be downloaded.

We highly recommend downloading and installing new iTunes updates whenever they're available. They ensure the smooth functionality of Apple's software in a lot of areas especially Apple Music. And if you haven't downloaded iTunes on your PC yet, then you can do so by going to It's absolutely free and worth the download if you have an iPhone, iPad, iPod touch with you.

We will keep our readers posted regarding more iTunes updates as they arrive, so stay tuned. Meanwhile take the time to update the software on your Mac and PC.

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