iTunes 12.5.5 Download for Windows & Mac Released


Apple has released iTunes 12.5.5 update for both Windows and Mac platforms. You can grab the update right away.

iTunes 12.5.5 Features Bug Fixes & Performance Improvements

If you make do with iTunes on a daily basis then keeping the software up to date on your PC or Mac is a no-brainer. Today, Apple has released a new update for its desktop music management software, taking things up to version 12.5.5. Just like the several few versions of iTunes that have been released before this one, the sole purpose of this particular update is to ensure things are ever running smoothly for users around the globe. And if you were hoping that this update will add new features to iTunes' roster, then you are mistaken. The only thing you should expect from this release is "minor app and performance improvements" as that's the complete changelog attached with the iTunes 12.5.5 update.

Apple Issues Mac-iOS Device Syncing Updates Through Software Update

If you have a Mac, you can grab the latest version of iTunes by heading over to the Mac App Store. Just click on the Updates tab at the top and the update will be presented with you for download. If you have automatic updates enabled, then it's highly likely that you will be prompted to install the latest update in a few minutes, if not already.

On Windows, you can initiate the download for the latest version using the Apple Software Update tool. Simply launch it, and install the updates that are available to you. The download and installation shouldn't take more than 10 minutes, mostly depending on the speed of your Internet connection.

Once the download and installation process is complete, you do not have to restart your computer at all in order to finish things off. But still, if you want, you may go ahead with the restart. The final call totally lies with you.

Keeping iTunes up to date is a logical thing to do as the software handles a lot of things such as Apple Music, radio, syncing with iOS devices etc. And you want all the tasks to be handled in the best possible manner, something that's only applicable when the latest updates are installed. So please, if you are an iTunes user, then do not forget to install version 12.5.5 at all.