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Isgreen: We Want People To Believe in Microsoft as a Place They Can Get Great PC Games


During the E3 2017 PC Gaming Show, Microsoft Studios' Adam Isgreen announced Age of Empires Definitive Edition, a remastered version of the beloved classic real-time strategy game.

After the announcement, Isgreen sat down with VentureBeat to talk about what it means for Microsoft to invest more in PC gaming.

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The thing is, there are a lot of us at Microsoft — my whole career, I’m going on 25 years making video games. Most of my career has been making PC games. I’m not alone at Microsoft. There are tons of people there that have been there a long time, and new people, who are real PC gamers. Yes, I have consoles. I have every console built since the 2600. But I’ve had a PC since the Apple II. We’re all PC gamers. We believe in PC gaming. It’s not a hard conversation at Microsoft to say, “Hey, this would be great. What are we going to do on PC? How can we make it great?” There’s a lot of discussion about what features we need to bring specifically to PC to make games great, to make people love them. We want people to believe in Microsoft as a place they can get great PC games.

Isgreen also teased another announcement due in a Gamescom event solely dedicated to Age of Empires.

I’m super-excited. We’ll be talking more at Gamescom about Age of Empires. Everyone that tunes in will be super excited the stuff we’ll be talking about.

E3 is a wonderful show, but it’s very Asia- and U.S.-centric. With Gamescom, Europe has a long and storied history with RTS games. We want to make sure we do just as much justice for Gamescom and all the European gamers as we did at E3 here today. It’s important to us that we take this here — it’ll be further along. People will be playing the beta. We’ll have more to show and talk about. But yeah, we have a whole event planned around Age of Empires for Gamescom.

Needless to say, several fans are hoping that Microsoft finally greenlighted a brand new installment in the franchise. We'll know if that's the case or not in late August.