iPod touch 7th-Generation Could Be Announced Tomorrow With Face ID for Seamless Unlocking

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iPod touch 7th-Generation Could Be Announced Tomorrow With Face ID for Seamless Unlocking

Just when we thought Apple was through with its iPod touch lineup, here comes another rumor stating that the company might be gearing up to release an upgraded model that will allow the user to unlock it via Face ID.

Face ID Unlocking for iPod touch Rumored But Does Not Specify if It Will Work Through Apple Pay Service

The iPod touch might not be given a substantial level of importance when it comes to hardware as compared to the iPhone X so we’re under the impression that the 7th-generation iPod will get a A10 Fusion chipset coupled with 2GB of RAM. This would be the same hardware present in the iPhone 7, so it would be a huge upgrade for consumers intending to purchase an iOS device for media consumption at a cheaper price point.

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The highlight of the rumor courtesy of Benjamin Geskin is the Face ID unlocking upgrade. It is possible that Apple sticks towards the older design with the iPod touch to conserve unnecessary costs so while Face ID can be used to unlock it, we doubt that it will be used for payments authentication.

If the iPod touch continues to retain the home button, then we believe that users will be able to confirm their payments using Touch ID. Apple has stopped manufacturing 16GB versions of mobile devices so good news for those that always found the lack of storage on an expensive iPhone an encumbrance.

With the announcement tomorrow, the iPod touch could also be introduced in several storage models, but most importantly, remember to treat this rumor with a pinch of salt for now.

With the announcement taking place tomorrow, we will pretty much know what is going to be unveiled and what isn’t.

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News Source: Twitter (VenyaGeskin1)

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