You Can Buy an iPhone X Right Now and Pay 50% of the Price Per Month Thanks to Sprint


The iPhone X might be discontinued in favor of the newer models incoming September 2018, so if you wanted the bezel-less flagship while paying 50 percent for its price on a monthly basis, then Sprint has the ideal offer for you. The U.S.-based carrier has introduced a deal where customers can lease the 64GB storage model for a total of 18 months with Sprint Flex. With the latest deal, you can avail the flagship for just $20 per month and $0 down, instead of having to resort to paying $41.76 per month for the smartphone.

This deal does require a new line, but no trade-in will be needed. However, you should note that if you will be leasing the smartphone, you have to return it to Sprint after 18 months unless you want to pay the difference to cover its full cost, so you will be paying a total of $360 for the device if you take a hold of Sprint’s deal right away.

Think about it, $20 a month is honestly nothing for a handset, considering that the majority of customers often upgrade their smartphones after a period of 12 months. In terms of specifications, the iPhone X is the biggest iPhone ever released if you take the display size into account. It is also armed with the A11 Bionic SoC, the most powerful silicon to be found in a smartphone right now, and it is paired with 3GB of LPDDR4X RAM.

One of its biggest highlights is the OLED screen, with critics calling it the best display ever seen on an iPhone. If you want to check out the deal or avail it, the link is given below. Also, let us know down in the comments what you think.

Get the iPhone X 64GB and pay 50 percent of the price from Sprint