iPhone X Users Experiencing Incoming Call Delays – Display Can Take up to 10 Seconds to Light up During Calls


An expensive $999-priced iPhone does not mean it is going to be free from problems. The latest issue surrounding the iPhone X is an incoming call delay, where the display can take up to 10 seconds to illuminate before lighting up and this takes place while the incoming call is happening.

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Given below is a comment of an iPhone X user complaining about the same issue.

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“When ever i receive an incoming call in my iphone x , ringtones starts but the display come sin after 6-8 seconds .

When ever i restart my iphone x the problems gets automatically solved and after 15-20 calls the same problem starts again

I have performed the hard reset as well as the soft reset of my iphone x but it was of no use.

Kindly help”

According to the Financial Times, hundreds of smartphone owners have been experiencing this problem but luckily, Apple is aware of the issue and it is looking into the matter. A percentage of these iPhone X owners have performed a hard rest on their device and that has managed to solve the issue, but in other cases, the problem has persisted.

Lots of critics are going to be loving this, as well as brand the iPhone X as a device that costs as much as a decent spec’d notebook but is unable to provide users with an ‘above par’ smartphone experience. Though Apple is aware of this issue, it has not been specified how the company plans to rectify it.

We are assuming that the display not lighting up could mean that a software update is going to be in the works, otherwise, users are going to have to take out time from their busy schedule and possibly take a trip to the nearest Apple service center.

News Source: Apple Forums