iPhone X Sellers on eBay Go Bonkers: Selling Flagship for $6,000 a Piece


The iPhone X pricing for the base model starts at $999 and sellers such as Best Buy and individuals on eBay are taking full advantage of this shortage. Though official online retailers might only be charging you a $100 premium in securing your pre-order of the flagship, there are some people who believe that customers will be willing to pay $6,000 per piece.

eBay Sellers Believe Desperate Customers Are Going to Pay Top Dollar to Get Their Hands on the iPhone X

A number of eBay sellers have decided to literally cash in on the opportunity of the constrained iPhone X supplies to earn a hefty profit themselves. Then there are some who have decided to really take that pricing into the 5th gear as they believe that customers will be willing to pay $6,000 to get their hands on the new iPhone X.

Modded iPhone X Featuring a USB-C Port Sells for a Jaw-Dropping $86,001 on eBay

If some people have the money, we will go as far as to say that they will definitely spend the aforementioned amount to get their hands on the most expensive iPhone Apple has announced so far. Then there are those who can muster up sufficient patience to see that their package is delivered to them after some time.

However, you will still need more than just good luck on your side because waiting time has slipped to 4-5 weeks, meaning a bare minimum of one month before you can actually get to unbox the edge-to-edge flagship.

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