iPhone X Users With Cracked Camera Lens Are Complaining in Droves – Is Apple Using Inferior Material?


Lately, Apple support forums and Reddit threads are rife with complaints of iPhone X cracked camera lenses. To the irk of the already disgruntled users, Apple is refusing to replace the smartphone under warranty and asking them for the full amount replacing their device.

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Camera lenses usually crack after a device has been dropped, but in this instance, most users claim that the device never fell down. Some users think that the cracking lenses can be a result of the dropping temperature. One user complained that he noticed a crack on the rear camera glass (via 9to5Mac) of his iPhone X that he bought before Christmas. He took it to the Apple Store, where he was asked to pay $549 just to get the lens fixed. That is $20 more than the price of the OnePlus 6 base version.

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Other users wrote that the cracked lens has nothing to do with the weather. A user from Malaysia stated that he lives in a hot and humid environment and his camera lens still cracked. There are no Apple Stores in Malaysia and the authorized centers refused to replace the cracked lens.

Another user from Hawaii wrote that he never dropped his phone and the weather isn’t cold there and yet there is a small crack in the camera glass of his iPhone X. There were doubts about the sapphire camera lens ever since it was featured in the iPhone 7. Apple had praised sapphire for its hardness and its ability to produce pure results at that time. Even though most of the users claim that they never dropped their phone, there is a possibility that something else could be responsible; perhaps the camera lens brushing against a pair of keys.

It is hard to investigate problems like these but with the iPhone X currently the best-selling smartphone in the world, so it is hardly surprising to see issues like these surface. Only time will tell how serious and widespread the issue is. At the same time, Apple should also do its part and investigate why such incidents are taking place.