Here’s A List Of All iPhone Secret Codes


Here's a complete list of all the hidden iPhone secret codes for unlocking multiple features on your handset.

List Of iPhone Secret Codes Helps You Better Understand Your Device, Unlock Features

For the average user an iPhone is a simple smartphone to use. Some of us, however, like to go above what Apple has packed under the hood. That's why we install apps that wake up the inner geek inside all of us. Sometimes though, those apps don't cut the mustard and we end up finding mysterious ways to appease ourselves, such as jailbreaking.

Quite frankly, jailbreaking is not everyone's avenue, that's why we prefer resorting to stock methods for enhancing the overall experience. That's why, if you're brand new in the world of iPhone, you'll be pleased to learn you can access hidden features on your device using iPhone secret codes.

Here's a complete list of all the secret codes along with details what they do.

*3001#12345#* - Dial this code using the Phone app and pressing the 'call' button will take you straight to the Field Test menu. Over here you'll be able to check different cellular parameters, such as SIM info, PDP Context Info, GSM Cell Environment, UMTS Environment and MM Info. You can also use Field Test to display your iPhone's true signal strength in the status bar.

*#06# - Dial this code in the Phone app and you'll be immediately presented with your iPhone's IMEI number. What you do with this information is entirely up to you. But it's perfectly handy to know about if you're seeking to carrier unlock your iPhone.

*#33# - Dial this number in the Phone app and press the 'call' button. After a few seconds you'll be presented with a bunch of details. This includes whether or not voice, data or SMS is active on your current cellular network.

*#0*# - This will take you straight to the General Test Mode once dialed from the Phone app. It lets you test a bunch of things on your iPhone, such as vibration, touch, speaker etc.

*5005*7672# - Dial this one up and you'll be presented with your SMS message center number.

*43# - This will activate call waiting feature on your iPhone. You can disable it by dialing #43#.

Wrap Up

Unlike an Android smartphone an iPhone doesn't have a boatload of secret codes to go around. But they're more than enough to keep anyone busy for a good few minutes. They're handy to know about, especially the IMEI one, if you're seeking to unlock your phone on a certain carrier.

We recommend giving each code a try since there's no harm in it at all. You'll also end up learning a thing or two about your Apple smartphone as well, and of course, your cellular network.

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