No Upgrade For The iPhone SE In H1 2017 According To Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo


2016 has been an interesting year for smartphones. Its final half has been dominated by Samsung and the Galaxy Note 7. The device's malfunctions have left Samsung quite red faced indeed, and the company's eager to move forward. The first half of 2016 saw Apple give in to consumer demands and launch a 4 inch iPhone as well. While no design upgrades over the iPhone 5s were introduced, the specifications resembled the iPhone 6s. Apple was eager to reverse the lineup's declining profits. Now, we won't get an upgrade next year in March according to the latest information. Take a look below to find out more.

Ming Chi Kuo Believes That An iPhone SE Upgrade Is Highly Unlikely For H1 2017

When it comes to Apple news, we've got a couple of sources that are generally on point. One of these is KGI securities, whose Ming Chi Kuo has become quite famous in the Apple world. Kuo's predictions generally turn out accurate, as discerning truth from fiction becomes harder in the rumor mill. He's back today, with some gloomy news for all those of you who're still stubbornly stuck towards 4 inch smartphones.

Apple's decision to upgrade the screen size on the iPhone 6/6 Plus has been the last major decision on the lineup. Things have stayed consistent after that, even as Android finds new and improved methods to pile on more features on flagship devices. The decision to increase the iPhone's screen size was met with a lot of criticism from users who didn't want a screen size upgrade. To cater towards them and increase profits, Apple launched the iPhone SE. Now, the device won't see any love from Apple next year according to Kuo.


The decision to skip the iPhone SE's launch next year is partly due to the fact that Apple wants to keep its Gross Margins higher. A launch of a new product will increase costs for the company resulting in lower gross profits for the company. Another reason that Kuo states is that Cupertino wants to avoid cannibalization into existing iPhone models. The iPhone SE features similar internals to the iPhone 6s, and is a good incentive for users looking for similar hardware at lower costs. The iPhone SE(2) will offer similar upgrades and Apple's really worked hard on the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.

Whether Apple launches an upgraded iPhone SE in H2 2017 is another question. Kuo believes that the company is pressurizing suppliers to cut costs aggressively. We've been hearing quite a lot about the iPhone 8 as well. Apple's next flagship will feature a lot of upgrades according to the rumor mill. These include a virtual home button, embedded fingerprint sensor, new build materials and upgraded displays. Looks like it'll be a slow first half of 2017 for Apple fans. Thoughts? Let us know what you think in the comments section below and stay tuned for the latest.