iPhone SE Refurbished for Less Than $100 and a $35 Prepaid Calling Card? This Deal Is Certainly Too Good to Be True


The iPhone SE might have been unveiled back in 2016 and while we’re still waiting on its successor, it is not difficult to imagine that despite being released more than two years ago, the compact smartphone still offers a lot to consumers who prefer possessing a 4-inch compact device like this. However, what these people probably did not realize was that you could get an iPhone SE for less than $100.

Costing just $85, Walmart is selling the iPhone SE as well as a $35 prepaid calling card from Straight Talk. This prepaid card will give you unlimited talk and text for 30 days and 2GB of LTE, after which you the speeds will be downgraded to 2G. Straight Talk devices are locked to the carrier for the first 12 months of use, after which, you can request a SIM unlock.

As for the iPhone SE, it features 32GB of onboard and its hardware specifications are that as the iPhone 6s, which is still going strong, even to this day thanks to its price/performance ratio. Unfortunately, 3D Touch is not included in the smartphone which is a real shame but for $85, we honestly would not complain.

Also, if you want to know more information are refurbished smartphones and other consumer electronics, it is important that you read up on what a certified refurbished smartphone is. While there is no harm in purchasing a device that belongs to this category, it is important that you know the differences between a brand new handset, a used one, and a certified refurbished one.

Just to refresh your memory, the refurbished handset business is growing rapidly and Apple is the center of it all by having the biggest share in it.

Buy the iPhone SE with the $35 prepaid calling card from Walmart all for just $85