Latest Survey Shows That iPhone Is Immensely Popular Amongst Teenagers


Apple’s iPhone continues to be the most popular smartphone in a given year when you count shipments and according to the latest survey, the brand name has triggered a lot of interest in teenagers. More details of this survey shows that they have been more attracted towards the iPhone on account of the latest set of rumors revolving around the iPhone 8 and its completely changed up design and powerful internals.

According to Survey, 81 Percent of Teens Expect That Their Next Phone Is Going to Be an iPhone

According to data gathered by the investment firm Piper Jaffray, teenagers in the U.S. have grown fond of the iPhone. Details of this survey reveal that around 76 percent of teenagers have owned an iPhone, and that figure is up compared to 69 percent of teens owning the handset during spring of 2016. In addition, 81 percent of teenagers have also stated that they expect their next phone to be an iPhone, and from the looks of it, looks like they are referring about the iPhone 8.

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According to the investment firm (via MacRumors), the following data has been provided regarding the growth of interest from teenagers:

“Apple continued to grow smartphone share among teens with 76% of teens owning an iPhone vs 74% in Fall-16. We view the survey as a positive data point on iPhone 7 demand and excitement around the upcoming launch of the 10th anniversary iPhone (iPhone X).”

Apple’s upcoming iPhone 8 has been consistently rumored to feature an edge-to-edge OLED display coupled with a radically changed design that is expected to mimic the Galaxy S8. Furthermore, the upcoming flagship could also provide support for wireless charging, although we feel that this feature should have been implemented with the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus since Apple removed the headphone jack from these phones.

Apart from the iPhone, teenagers’ interest in smart watches have also grown, starting with the Apple Watch. Details of the survey state that 13 percent of teens said that they plan to buy an Apple Watch in the next six months, compared to 11 percent in the spring of 2016. Naturally, the survey was not carried out for the entire population, so the latest info on that is Piper Jaffray accumulated responses from 5,500 teens in the United States and they had an average age of 16.

Do you think that teenagers will contribute heavily to the sales of the iPhone 8 in the U.S. when it is officially announced? Let us know your thoughts right away.