Apple’s iPhone Was the Most Popular Smartphone in 2016, But Which Model Exactly?


Though the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus are far better than their predecessors in a lot of ways, sadly neither of them were the most popular iPhone in terms of global shipments. Can you guess which model ended up becoming the most popular out of the entire iPhone family?

iPhone 6s Took the Number One Position for the Most Popular Smartphone in 2016, iPhone 7 Comes in at Second

Despite the iPhone 6s Plus being better in every manner possible, the iPhone 6s ended up becoming the most popular smartphone for the year 2016. According to data reported by IHS Markit’s Smartphone Shipment Database (via MacRumors), the iPhone 7 was the second most popular handset, followed by iPhone 7 Plus. If you take a look at the chart below, you will notice that the Galaxy Note7 is missing and that is due to the fallout that took place, otherwise, several market watchers have stated that the phablet would have sold in greater quantities.

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However, it is not like Samsung was losing out in the market because the company’s Galaxy S7 edge was the most popular handset from South Korean’s 2016 lineup. The Galaxy J3, which is regarded as an entry-level device, found its place in the 6th most popular phone for 2016. The iPhone 6s had around 60 million shipments, whereas the Galaxy S7 edge and other phones from Samsung garnered around 25 million shipments.

One of the reasons that I personally believe Apple’s current generation of phones were not able to perform better was because consumers might not have seen the value of paying a premium price and getting so little in return. From the outside, apart from the new color models, there were very little design tweaks, and it is also possible that consumers held off on their purchase because they were waiting for the iPhone 8 in September this year.

It is important to note that these are estimated figures because shipments do not necessarily result in the same number of sales. Do you think Apple will be able to repeat the same successful run that it did back in 2016? Let us know your thoughts down in the comments.