iPhone Case Companies Have Updated Their SKUs to iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone Edition – New Names for New iPhones?

Omar Sohail
iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone Edition

iPhone case makers are suddenly making changes to the SKUs of their cases for the upcoming iPhone family. It appears that the iPhone sporting an edge-to-edge glass and the remaining two touting an iterative update are not going to be called what we think they are being called. Instead, these case manufacturers believe that the new names for the upcoming devices will be iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone Edition.

Accessory Manufacturers Have Also Started Updating Product Names Featuring Support for iPhone Edition

If you head over to Amazon and check out the several accessories listed on the website, most of them have updated their product support for ‘iPhone Edition’, suggesting that the official name of the radically changed smartphone is not going to be iPhone 8, but the one mentioned earlier.

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Instead, the iPhone 8 could be used for the 4.7-inch handset that will be getting unveiled alongside the iPhone Edition, followed by the iPhone 8 Plus. Different case manufacturing companies in China (via 9to5Mac) are reportedly updating their product SKUs as well, with info revealed at the IFA 2017 trade show that Apple will be announcing mobile phones with different names later this year.

History has shown that Apple always introduces an updated model with the letter ‘s’ indicating better features. Being the 10th anniversary of the iPhone, it is possible that the company takes a different stance come September 12. The names might have changed, but the featureset of the phone is said to be legendary, with 4K video support at 60 frames per second and a facial recognition system which analysts are claiming to be unrivaled.

Unfortunately, its rumored $999 price has made analysts skeptical over its future popularity amongst consumers. The question of whether or not the Touch ID fingerprint reader is going to be incorporated into the front or back is yet to be revealed.

Which phone is going to be your pick of this year? Tell us your thoughts down in the comments.

News Source: Twitter (llsethj)

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