iPhone 8’s Alleged Circular Wireless Chargers Leak From The Factory Line; Stand In Lieu With Prior Blueprint Leaks

Ramish Zafar

The Apple iPhone 8 is a center of a lot of leaks lately. Cupertino's tenth anniversary smartphone will make a lot of overdue upgrades for the lineup. Apple after all, isn't known to rush upgrades for the lineup simply to stay ahead of its competitors. Rather, the company likes to take its time until the technology is adequate. For the iPhone 8, we're expecting a similar trend. One major rumored upgrades for the lineup will be wireless charging. Today, more details for the feature have come to light. Take a look below to find out more.

Alleged Wireless Charging Accessories For The iPhone 8 Come To Light And Stand In Line With Earlier Blueprint Leaks

As mentioned above, a lot of leaks have taken place for the iPhone 8 so far. The device is the center of a lot of hype, which surpasses its predecessors. Apple's waited long enough for upgrades, and will leave no holes barred this year. A big upgrade for the smartphone will be a shift in build material. Cupertino will switch back to glass on the smartphone and not for purely aesthetic reasons.

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Rather, glass will support a feature that's present on the majority of Android flagships i.e. wireless charging. The iPhone 8 will finally come with the feature as well. Earlier blueprint leaks for the smartphone show a circular appendage for the hardware on the device's motherboard. Today, we've got similar looking accessories rumored to charge the device up.


These images just might be the real deal, but as usual, nothing is set in stone until the device actually launches. Furthermore, they're not the final chargers for the iPhone and merely show the accessory's hardware. Their source is partially reliable and has produced authentic information in the past. Wireless charging will be a big upgrade for the iPhone but its effectiveness can only be gauged once the device is in our hands, available for testing.

Another big upgrade expected this year is OLED displays for the iPhone 8. Apple finally has adequate manufacturing facilities to bring the advanced displays on its smartphone lineup. Even then, Cupertino's primary manufacturing partner Samsung, is facing yield difficulties for panels that are up to the former's specifications. All these combined have led to speculation that the iPhone 8 will see a delayed release. That is, if it's called the iPhone 8. Thoughts? Let us know what you think in the comments section below and stay tuned. We'll keep you updated on the latest.

News Source: MMDJ China

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