iPhone 8 ‘Special Edition’ Could Also Come With a Curved Edge Display


We previously reported that the upcoming iPhone 8 will be released in a Special Edition variant, and this particular one was going to feature all the goodies that would eclipse its counterparts. Now, according to the latest report, there could be few other perks of owning the Special Edition of the smartphone, and you are going to find out about it shortly.

The Special Edition of iPhone 8 Could Also Come With a Curved Edge Display to Rival That of Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7

According to the latest report, 2017 is going to be the magical year when Apple will be celebrating 10 years when the very first iPhone came into the existence and the era of the touchscreen smartphone was finally crafted. With the release of iPhone 8, Apple intends on releasing a Special Edition of the smartphone, most likely to commemorate the 10th year anniversary of the smartphone lineup.

This Special Edition is going to be comprised up of an OLED panels, and seeing its numerous benefits would overshadow existing smartphone display technologies, it would be the best possible choice for the company. It’s also been rumored that the Special Edition of iPhone 8 will feature a massive 5.8-inch display, showing that the company could move out of its comfort zone as far as the screen size is concerned.

The larger screen size will give Apple more freedom to increase the battery capacity, and we honestly hope that the tech giant pools in resources to increase the battery life rather than figure out absurd ways to reduce the overall thickness of the handset. The curved OLED panel could show apps on the side, with users negating the use of entering the app menu as a result of this addition. Furthermore, with TSMC ramping up production of its 10nm FinFET node, A11 being processed on a smaller manufacturing process is also highly possible, resulting in more performance, and a higher transistor count that will lead to better battery life.

For A12 however, it looks like a different technique called multi-patterning lithography is going to be used for the 7nm process, but because it’s too early to dictate this due to manufacturing limitations, we’ll comment on this when more progress has been made.

Are you excited to see the Special Edition of the iPhone 8 come with a curved edge OLED panel? Tell us your thoughts right away.