iPhone 8 Suffering From Wireless Charging Overheat And Low PCB Yields; Separate Reports Claim Only Two iPhones Incoming This Year


Apple's widely rumored to launch a special iPhone this year. Dubbed the iPhone 8, the device will make a lot of upgrades to the lineup. 2017's ushered in a new era for smartphones and the iPhone 8 will be Apple's response to its competitors. It's been a while since the company's played on the front foot with the iPhone. That being said, today we've got more details for the smartphone. Take a look below to find out more.

PCB, Wireless Charging For The iPhone 8 Run Into Problems As Apple Rumored To Skip Over iPhone 7s And iPhone 7s Plus

Talking of features, the iPhone 8 will be full of them. Apple will compensate for nearly every missing feature that's included in Android. Wireless charging, OLEDs, reduced bezels and Iris/3D recognition - all are features rumored for the iPhone 8. Alongside these rumors, we've also seen reports of the device seeing production constraints surface. Initially, sources claimed that the iPhone 8 will see a November release due to OLED bottlenecks. There simply aren't enough display manufacturers in the world with the capacity to meet Apple's requirements, is the reason behind these.

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However, soon afterwards, industry analysts claimed that Apple's primary display supplier, Samsung isn't facing any problems at all with its output. Samsung's OLED production is right on schedule and the company will make the first shipments to Apple in June. Today, we've got fresh reports from Apple's supply chain. According to these, the display isn't the only component that's suffering from low yield. Supply chain sources claim that wireless charging modules for the iPhone 8 are overheating with suppliers still struggling to resolve these problems. Arthur Liao of Fubon securities believes that the iPhone 8's wireless charging modules are far from perfect right now.

iPhone 8 concept

As far as PCBs go, "There is a new design for a much smaller printed circuit board to allow a more powerful battery for this upcoming iPhone...but there are still some quality issues to overcome to achieve smooth mass production", says Sean Kao, an analyst over at IDC. These delays put the release date for the iPhone 8 around late October or November. Memory modules for the smartphone are on time however, with one executive already having made deliveries to Apple at a small-scale. On another note, some fresh reports claim that Apple will launch two, not three iPhones this year. Micgadget claims to have inside sources at Foxconn who claim to have received orders for two new iPhones.

These sources claim that the first materials for these two new iPhones will reach Foxconn by the end of June. This coincides with reports of Samsung making OLED deliveries to Apple by June as well. Two iPhones instead of three makes business sense for Apple as well. Why launch a highly upgraded iPhone 8 which will take the spotlight from the other two iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus variants? Still, it's the first time that we're hearing such a claim, so treat it with humor. Even if the publication's sources turn out to be accurate, they don't account for the entirety of Foxconn's iPhone orders. Thoughts? Let us know what you think in the comments section below and stay tuned. We'll keep you updated on the latest.