iPhone 8 Could Possibly Include Virtual Button and Terrifically Designed Display


Some critics might say that that both iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus come with minimal upgrades, you could say that they will provide the stepping stones for something greater, the iPhone 8. Entering in 2017, the upcoming iPhone will feature several changes that have not seen before in its previous iterations, and all the details that you’re hoping to find out have been stated here.

iPhone 8 Could Feature a Virtual Button That Could Be Present Inside the Phone Along With a Completely Different Display That You See on Different iPhones

To give you a rundown of what is going to take place in 2017, Apple is going to be celebrating its 10-year anniversary when it first released its iPhone. Naturally, with iPhone 8 getting announced during that month, you can expect several changes to be included and one of those changes is going to be the presence of a Virtual Button.

From what we can gather, Apple’s iPhone 8 will be void of a physical button, and the Virtual Button could find its place inside the smartphone itself. Once again, we are speculating that this could be done to improve the water resistance capability of the upcoming iPhone 8, and for the first time, we might actually get to see a smartphone from Apple that bears the IP68 certification.

As for the other interesting part of the smartphone, it has been reported that an edge-to-edge display is going to be part of the hardware makeup. This could probably be added in the Special Edition of the iPhone 8, which could be made up of an OLED panel, and seeing its numerous benefits would overshadow existing smartphone display technologies, it would be the best possible choice for the company. It’s also been rumored that the Special Edition of iPhone 8 will feature a massive 5.8-inch display, which will give it the advantage of housing a larger battery.

The edge-to-edge display could be complemented with a curved OLED panel, and there are dedicated apps that could appear on the sides of the panel, so that you are not forced to navigate throughout the app list to find your desired app. Remember to take this information with a grain of salt and while we believe that iPhone 8 is going to feature a complete design overhaul, there is a lot of time remaining for the smartphone to arrive.

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