iPhone 8 to Feature Invisible Selfie Camera and Touch ID Sensor That’s Beneath the Screen for Maximum Bezel-Less Display

iPhone 8 invisible selfie camera

A previous render gave way to the possibility that Apple was going to incorporate a Touch ID fingerprint reader at the backside of the phone. Luckily, with several prototypes being tested out, we highly doubt that the previous one is going to take up the shape of the radically changed iPhone 8 that will be shipped out to customers. However, the latest information divulges what could be the iPhone of your dreams, so let us walk you through the necessary bits and pieces of info right now.

New Rumor Pits the iPhone 8 to Feature 4mm of Bezels and an Invisible Selfie Camera to Further Increase Screen Real Estate

Since Apple has several iPhone 8 prototypes in the works, let us tell you about another one; we have a strong feeling in our gut that this could be the final product that gets announced during the September keynote. According to sources from Foxconn (via iDrop News), the Touch ID sensor is going to be present beneath the display as well as have an invisible selfie camera.

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What this means is that we could be seeing both components tucked safely beneath the display in order to help the iPhone 8 obtain a very thin bezel. Since lack of bezels is the name of the game for smartphone manufacturers, everyone is employing various techniques and approaches to make sure that their mobile devices are touting the highest screen-to-body ratio. The crown is currently with the Xiaomi Mi Mix, but let us see if that is passed onto a different handset this year.

The source also claims that the iPhone 8 will sport 4mm of bezels, which is actually less than half a centimeter, and if that happens, it will be a remarkable feat from Apple considering that both iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus come with a massive forehead and chin.

Is this going to be the iPhone of your dreams when it gets announced during the month of September? Why don’t you let us know down in the comments.

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