iPhone 8 Glass Edition Concept Reveals the Powerful Innards While Making the Phone Sparkle Beyond Your Wildest Dreams

Omar Sohail
iPhone 8 Glass Edition concept

Apple’s iPhone 8 has solidified its position of featuring an edge-to-edge display plus a glass and metal chassis to allow the support of wireless charging because with the removal of the headphone jack, you would need a suitable replacement.

However, what if you got to see an iPhone 8 that would have a transparent back, revealing all the components all nicely soldered together to really make the Note 8 eat dust? Well, this latest concept highlights exactly that and while we’ll try not to go all fanboyish at the latest concept, it is really difficult keeping our eyes off of this.

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iPhone 8 Glass Edition Concept Envisions What Apple’s Future Smartphone Could Look Like With a Device That Sports a Transparent Back

The talented guys at Curved have thought of their own iPhone 8 concept that features a metal and glass back, but this time they are going all transparent with the rear side of the phone. This approach is not different that we have seen before. Lots of YouTubers have successfully attempted to remove the adhesive present on the backside of the Galaxy S8 and G6 to successfully reveal the innards by giving both phones a transparent back.

We still contemplate why manufacturers have not adopted this since it would remove one step from the entire assembly process. The sticky adhesive featuring the company’s name and smartphone’s model will have to be exempted from the rear side of the phone in order for it to sport this look.

After successfully attempting it with the Galaxy S8 and G6, it will be interesting to see if teardown experts can effortlessly carry this out on the iPhone 8 without breaking something in between. The smartphone is expected to be unveiling during the month of September.

Nonetheless, you can check out the concept video right below and also take care to look at the images given above and give your thoughts down in the comments as well.

News Source: YouTube (Curved)

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