The iPhone 8 Will Embed Fingerprint Recognition In Elongated Power Button; Feature A Function Bar & More Claims Credible Source


We've covered so much content for the iPhone 8 that I'm at a loss of words on how to start this post. Apple's tenth anniversary smartphone is rumored with a lot of upgrades. Cupertino's got to cover significant ground this year, if it wants to stay at the top of flagship smartphones. It's dropped the ball over the past couple of years, as the iconic smartphone lineup has failed to bring truly innovative changes on board. Will the iPhone 8 deliver where others have failed? We've got more details for you now. Take a look below.

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While things are pretty much clear at this point on what to expect from the iPhone 8, a couple of doubts still remain. The smartphone's production schedule doesn't look very promising, with the latest reports claiming that Apple's manufacturing partners have run into yield problems. This will result in mass production being delayed to November/December, so you shouldn't expect the iPhone 8 to be in your hands before 2018.

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That being said, today's leak confirms a very popular feature for the smartphone. According to information received by Forbes, the iPhone 8 will indeed feature a vertical dual camera setup. Its purpose will be to facilitate AR. It'll be interesting to see Apple's take on smartphone Augmented Reality, as the company rarely introduces big features simply for their sake.

However, this isn't the big news. Today's leak clarifies two very pertinent confusions w.r.t the upcoming smartphone. The question of a virtual fingerprint sensor on the smartphone has plagued a lot of folks. Samsung failed to deliver the feature with the Galaxy S8/S8+ and won't deliver with the Note 8 either. Looks like Apple won't be able to do so either. Instead, according to today's leak, the iPhone 8's fingerprint sensor will be located inside its power button, which will be large enough to support the feature.

It's going to be a bold move from Apple, one which might not settle with a lot of users. Personally speaking, I'd find fingerprint recognition embedded in the home button more convenient. But since the iPhone 8 won't feature a home button at all, there's little to hope for. The iPhone 8 will also feature a function, as today's leak reiterates earlier information by KGI's Ming Chi Kuo. It'll be interesting to see the extent with which this functionality is embedded into the iPhone's overall usability and experience. Thoughts? Let us know what you think in the comments section below and stay tuned. We'll keep you updated on the latest.

News Source: Forbes