iPhone 8 to Feature Facial Recognition Using New Laser Sensor, Claims Analyst


The iPhone 8 is set to receive advanced facial recognition feature using a brand new laser sensor, according to an analyst.

iPhone 8 is Going to be a Big Release - Will Feature Facial Recognition Powered by a New Laser Sensor

It is believed that Apple will release the iPhone 8 this year instead of the iPhone 7s. The smartphone is believed to be a major overhaul and will come packed with a ton of new features, including a Touch ID sensor that will be embedded into the display.

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Analysts have been giving away their predictions and notes on a timely basis as well. Today, Cowen’s Timothy Arcuri has chimed into the rumor mill and suggests that the iPhone 8 will feature facial recognition that will use  a new laser sensor embedded in the iPhone 8. The sensor, as you might expect, will be situated at the front of the device.

Arcuri believes that Apple will release three new iPhones this year. There will be the usual 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch models, but the company will push out a 5.8-inch variant as well. This 5.8-inch model, will pack an OLED display which will wrap around the phone. Also, it's being predicted that the iPhone 8 will finally feature wireless charging. Given how the company has been avoiding adding the feature to the roster, it's safe to say this particular addition will be welcomed by fans around the globe.

It's highly likely that this new facial recognition feature will be utilized as an added layer of security on the iPhone. But will it be foolproof at all? After all, there have been instances where certain people were able to bypass Touch ID by replicating a fingerprint. It remains to be seen how watertight Apple's new security measure going to be. Also, once this feature is introduced to the iPhone lineup, will it carry itself to other devices from Apple as well? Such as the iPad, and of course, the Mac? There are a lot of questions with us that need answering. But for now, we only have notes and predictions from different outlets and analysts to go along with.

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