iPhone 8 could see delayed shipments due to production problems – Negligible impact on Apple’s stock

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Looks like analysts still cannot decide if the iPhone 8 is going to be arriving on schedule or not because according to the latest report, the phone with the 2.5D edge-to-edge glass could be delayed due to production problems. However, the analyst goes on to say that this will have little to no impact on Apple’s stock value.

Even With Delayed iPhone 8 Shipments, Apple Is Expected to Have a Higher ‘Average iPhone’ Sales Price, Claims Analyst

Some still believe that the iPhone 8 will be delayed when actual shipments are taken into consideration due to production issues taking place. On this occasion, it is an analyst from Cowen & Company named Timothy Arcuri (via Apple Insider), who claims that Apple is attempting to increase yields of the AuthenTec Touch ID solution, which is expected to be embedded in the display of the iPhone 8.

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This is the approach that will essentially give the iPhone 8 a ‘home button-less’ design, but there are still production issues being encountered in making this design possible. Not only this, but problems with the layered motherboard on the iPhone 8 could push mass production from its July or August timeframe to October or November.

As a result of this setback, Arcuri expects that iPhone shipments in Apple's fourth financial quarter will be lower than Wall Street's predictions of about 47 million and will hit around 44 million. However, even with this delay, the average selling price of iPhones in Apple's fourth fiscal quarter should rise year-over-year, which will be one of the contributing factors behind the lack of stock price drop.

A previous analyst has claimed that the iPhone 8 is not going to be as expensive as the majority of consumers have been led to believe. The starting price of the phone has been rumored to be $870, but this is for the base model, and the upgraded version could reach a $1,000+ bill when it is officially available.

Do you think Apple’s iPhone 8 shipments will arrive on time, or will consumers have to wait to get their hands on the latest and greatest iPhone? Tell us your thoughts down in the comments.

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