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Uzair Ghani

It's a given fact that Apple will be announcing a new smartphone at the end of this year - the iPhone 7. And many concept designers at this point in time are hard at work wondering what the new device will eventually end up looking like. While some designers have taken an all-out approach, some have decided to stick with the leaks and rumors to guess what we might end up seeing from the Cupertino camp. But today, we've stumbled upon a concept for a device whose details are nearly non-existent - the iPhone 8, and the thought that has went inside its creation is actually quite appealing.

iPhone 8 concept main

Rather than presenting something that's massively 3D and filled with detailed textures and whatnot, this iPhone 8 concept from Andrew Fox takes a turn towards the minimal side of the design fence. And also, rather than tossing in bold features onto a smartphone concept, Andrew believes Apple should stick to its 'innovative' roots with the iPhone 8, and hopes that things will stay that way when the smartphone does see the light of day.


The design of the iPhone 8 is kept to the bare minimum, with flat corners, front and back being the order of the day. There's absolutely nothing too fancy about this concept at all, something which we dearly love. And to top things off, the iPhone 8 is imagined to have a true edge to edge display, giving users a great sense of the content they're consuming, while also making sure they aren't distracted by the hardware of the device itself.

On the internal hardware front, the iPhone 8 is imagined to be completely modular, allowing users to upgrade their hardware at any given time. The modular bits include the battery, storage, camera, as well as the processor.

The device is also imagined to come with wireless charging, waterproofing, dual lens camera, an OLED display and just two color options - black and white. And to appease those who are into such a thing, the iPhone 8 seemingly has support for a 'stylus' as well. We're not sure how useful it would be on a smaller screen, but we'll give the idea bonus points when it comes to creativity.

To top things off, Andrew imagines the iPhone 8 to come in three sizes instead of two - 4-inch, 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch. This is absolutely a perfect move, given the fact that people still consider the 4-inch form factor to be the ideal size when it comes to day to day usage.

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