iPhone 8 Aluminum Mold and Detailed Diagram Leaked With a Larger Than Usual Power Button

iPhone 8

As we predicted, more and more iPhone 8 leaks will be coming through, revealing several diagrams and chassis parts of the radically changed smartphone. This time we see a detailed diagram that’s paired with two images featuring what appear to be aluminum molds. There are several details of this mold that we will talk about in extensive detail so let us get started.

Aluminum Mold Once Shows Four Camera Cutouts at the Top and the Leaked Diagram Shows More Space for Vertically-Mounted Rear Cameras

As you’ve all heard the latest rumors, iPhone 8 is expected to feature a camera that will take advantage of AR features. However, it wasn’t defined which camera would take advantage of those next-gen attributes. According to previous leaks, there are four tiny camera lenses present at the top of the iPhone and with this aluminum mold, you can see those cutouts and surprisingly, in the same position. These additions could not only be used for iris scanning but also for AR-related activities.

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There’s also a small portion at the top corner of this mold that features a dual-camera shape that has been vertically mounted so these leaks are consistent as far as this dual-camera is the key subject. Perhaps Apple truly does intend on using two camera lenses placed on top of one another. Now coming to the diagram, here is where things get slightly interesting.

If we’re not wrong, there is an extended power button located on the sides (via Slashleaks). We are not referring to this button as a volume rocker because normally there is a space in between these buttons to help smartphone users distinguish between the ‘volume up’ and ‘volume down’ press.

The increased length of this button could mean that users will not have difficulty powering off the display or powering off the phone completely because the extended button means that users will not be forced to change positions of their fingers continuously.

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After all, the display of the phone has been rumored to be 5.8 inches so the increased screen real estate needs to feature a larger button for proper ergonomics.

What is your impression of this latest leak? Tell us your thoughts down in the comments.

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