iPhone 7 Pro Schematics Are Leaked And Shows The Most Interesting Features Ever


iPhone 7 Pro could possibly be the official name of the larger iPhone from the Cupertino tech giant, and we should tell that the term ‘Pro’ has been used in the company’s three product lineups (MacBook Pro, Mac Pro, and iPad Pro) in order to signify that the user will experience the best possible performance from these machines. Now, according to the latest schematic leak, iPhone 7 Pro shows some nice little changes in comparison to iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus, so let us take a look at them shall we.

iPhone 7

iPhone 7 Pro Will Probably Feature A Dual-Camera Setup But Will Be More Bulkier Compared To iPhone 6 Plus

The latest schematics shows that iPhone 7 Pro will have a dual-camera setup and the latest batch of the phablet sized iPhones will be thicker than the company’s iPhone 6 Plus. This could be due to the fact that the company will retain the Force Touch tech inside the upcoming phones, and it could also be that because of the incorporation of a dual-camera setup. A 3.5mm headphone jack might be out of the equation but that does not mean that thickness of a smartphone will be slimmed down significantly.

However, the thickness could also be attributed to the fact that the upcoming devices could feature larger battery capacities. According to our previous report, iPhone 6s sports a 6.61WHr battery, and iPhone 7 will be incorporated with a 7.05WHr cell, which brings us to the grand conclusion that both smartphones have the following capacities rated in ‘mAh’.

  • iPhone 6s: 1,715mAh
  • iPhone 7: 1,826mAh


We’ll hardly call that an increase, but looking at the other upgrades expected to be inside the upcoming high-end smartphone, Apple believes that this will suffice. According to our previously covered reports, iPhone 7 Pro is expected to come with a 3,100mAh battery, which is huge even by Apple standards, along with an on-board storage increased to 256GB. We expect that 256GB will be nice little upgrade for those who have capped their 128GB internal memory (for a premium price obviously), Apple really seems to be discouraging users who want more battery life from the 4.7-inch model of the company’s devices. All of these will attribute to the upcoming smartphone packing more bulk as compared to an iPhone 6 Plus.

iPhone 7 Pro Schematics Are Leaked And Shows The Most Interesting Features Ever


iPhone 7 Pro has also been reported to feature a ‘bezel-less’ display, which will make the handsets even more appealing than their previous generation counterparts. Moreover, the upcoming products are expected to be incorporated with EMI shielding technology, thus increasing that overall thickness by a smaller margin. Look at all of these details, do you feel that iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Pro will account for the company’s growth?

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