iPhone 7 Plus Specs Sheet Detail Lightning EarPods – Huge Internal Memory Model Detailed Too


iPhone 7 Plus could potentially be the first ever smartphone from Apple’s vault to feature a dual camera configuration. It’s also been rumored that the smartphone is also going to be the first without a headphone jack, and the latest specifications sheet show that Apple is going to bundle an accessory that we’ve never seen before.

Apple Bundling Lightning EarPods With iPhone 7 Plus Packaging – Smartphone Could Also Feature 256GB of Internal Memory

The prospect of seeing an iPhone 7 Plus without a headphone jack is not appreciated by Steve Wozniak, even though he states that Type-C USB is the future of audio. I am inclined to agree with him, because even though Apple will bundle Lightning EarPods inside the packaging, it doesn’t make things easy for us. For one thing, we will not be able to plug in our earphones while charging the iPhone at the same time, and since iPhone 7 Plus has not been rumored to come with wireless charging capabilities, it presents a rather arduous situation for those intending to make the upgrade.

However, we are glad to see that Apple will be upgrading the internal storage of its iPhones, because the specifications sheet also details that iPhone 7 Plus will feature 256GB of internal memory. From what we have gathered, both iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus will be shipped out in the 32, 128 and 256GB capacity models. The 64GB model could be removed from the shipment altogether and as much as you want to hate Apple for this, think about the approach from a business standpoint. If a 64GB model was announced alongside the 32GB one, consumers would cease to purchase the 32GB model, leaving chunks of unsold inventory.

The dual camera is also said to be a huge plus and despite the rumored removal of the headphone jack, iPhone 7 Plus is said to possess a larger battery capacity than its predecessor. On September 7, we’ll find out everything there is about both smartphones so stay tuned for further updates.

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