Total of 5 iPhone 7 Plus Models Shown in This Leaked Image Gallery

Omar Sohail
iPhone 7 Plus 5 colored models

You’ve taken a gander at the black version of the iPhone 7 Plus, but this time, you will be feasting your eyes on all of the models, and just to give you a hint, there are a total of 5 handsets present in this leaked image gallery.

iPhone 7 Plus Could Be Announced in 5 Different Colored Variants, According to This Gallery

While the images are not clear enough to see the different antenna orientation, we do however see the dual camera present at the backside. From what we’ve heard, Apple might place some magic in its software that might allow future consumers to improve their overall image results by combining the performance of both camera sensors. That does remain to be seen, but we’re just letting you be told what we know.

Another detail that you might have missed out on is the fact that there’s a noticeable camera hump present at the rear end. From a slew of devices that we’ve seen till now, that can mean only one thing; a smaller battery capacity. There are rumors that iPhone 7 Plus is going to feature a 3,100mAh battery capacity, but at the back of our heads, we have a bad feeling in our gut that Apple’s is going to reduce the capacity in order to achieve its requirement of slimming down its iPhones.


More evidence that future iPhones, including the upcoming ones are going to be thinned out is because both TSMC and Samsung have been working on a new chip developing technology called FoWLP, which stands for Fan-Out Wafer Level Packaging. As stated countless times before, using this technique will allow smartphone OEMs to not only reduce the overall thickness of its mobile devices, but increase their efficiency up to 30 percent as well. This is because this technique does not need a PCB, which will allow manufacturers to further reduce that thickness.


However, what these smartphone makers should be doing is using the leftover space for something worthwhile, such as placing a larger cell for added talk-time. The rumored removal of the 3.5mm headphone jack also adds weight to the fact that the upcoming iPhone 7 Plus models are going to be sporting a smaller battery capacity than an iPhone 6s Plus, but we can only confirm this after the official announcement of iPhone 7 Plus. Did you enjoy looking at the different colored models? Let us know your thoughts right away.


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