Some iPhone 7 & iPhone 7 Plus Users Are Complaining About Poor Sound Quality


Previously, some iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus owners were complaining of a hissing noise emanating from their devices. This was due to extreme stress being exerted on the processor, but only a fraction of consumers actually reported this. Now, it appears that another fraction of those users have started complaining about poor sound quality from both devices.

Audio Quality From iPhone 7 and Plus Models Seem Very ‘Distant’ According to Experiences From Other Users

Poor sound quality was the general discussion, especially when taking phone calls from the iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus. According to the experiences of different users, while taking the phone call, the audio quality sounded distant, as if it were originating from the behind the handset.

However, this problem has persisted only when you’re taking calls and not when any other scenario is taken into consideration. For example, if you continue to listen to music, then the audio quality is crystal clear and clean. According to AppleInsider, lowering the volume might help to tone down this issue, but at this current time, Apple doesn’t have a fix for whatever is affecting your smartphone.

This is probably because the dexterous individuals employed at the tech giant’s headquarters have yet to determine if the root cause is related to software or hardware. However, if it’s a software issue, then the problem can easily be eradicated with a software update, so we’re hoping that is really the case. I’ll say this again, the issue isn’t widespread as some users are believing it to be, and has only occurred for a small number of consumers.

Regardless, a premium smartphone like this will still end up having issues, but we hope that Apple has taken note of the problem and will be taking charge of making sure they can fix the problem once and for all.