New iPhone 7 Concept Features An All-Screen Design, iOS 10 – Video


We're way too early into the lifecycle of the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus to say anything concrete regarding the iPhone 7. Due for release later next year, Cupertino's upcoming flagship device is bound to break away from the iPhone 6s design language and bring something entirely new to the table. So far, we haven't been treated to any 'real' leak of the fabled device, and all we have are concept renders from different artists from around the world, with a new one making an appearance today, aiming to show what Apple's next smartphone would look like if it came with an all-screen design with no hardware Home button, and of course, iOS 10.

iPhone 7 1

New iPhone 7 Concept Has A Display Taken Right To The Edge. Literally.

The new iPhone 7 concept, forged by Marek Weidlich, is an interesting take on design. For starters, the focus is entirely on the device's display, where the Home button has been removed for good and has been replaced by a software one. Speaking of software, the device runs on top of iOS 10, and on the face of things it looks exactly like watchOS that powers the Apple Watch. We have to admit that the software looks absolutely stunning on what the designer is calling the 'never ending screen.'

On the back the concept features a 12-megapixel camera sensor with 4K video recording. And to top things off, comes with a True Tone ring flash, sort of like the one found on the Nexus 6, where the flash module lives in a glass ring around the camera sensor itself. An interesting take we have to say.

The back of the device has also been given a complete makeover, with the camera sensor now living on the top center of the casing. Also, the concept designer images a new feature for the iPhone 7 which he is calling 'iArt,' which basically lets you swap out back covers of the smartphone itself to give users more choice on the customization front. We can't say that we are fans of this addition, but we're certain some people will dig the idea more than others.

There are more features thrown into the mix as well, and we encourage our readers to check out the video below for more details.

Here's the complete image gallery of the concept as well:

What are your thoughts and opinions on the new iPhone 7 concept? Do you think Apple should turn this one into a reality? Be sure to share your thoughts with us.


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