iPhone 7 Home Button Failing? Apple Has a Trick up Its Sleeve to Help You Out


The announcement of iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus showcased some very interesting changes, including the removal of the tactile home button. However, it is this removal that has actually helped the company solve a lot of headaches that occurred with its previous generation iPhone family. If you’re experiencing issues with the iPhone 7 home button, then the company’s latest integration has presented you guys with a very helpful workaround, which you will soon find out.

Onscreen Home Button Pops up on iPhone 7 If the Primary Home Button Is in Need of Repairs

Some consumers might have been angry about the fact that a solid state home button is present instead of one that will deliver a tactile feedback to the user. However, you will have to admire Apple’s foresight because if the previous home button was incorporated on the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, then the company might not be able to provide you with these temporary solutions. One user from the Macrumors forums states that his solid-state home stopped working and he received the notification that it would have to get serviced.

However, the surprise he got was in the form of an on-screen home button, which the user can effortlessly use, at least until the solid state home button can be serviced properly. So how was Apple able to fix this issue with a quick workaround? Well, all the magic comes from the programming that controls the Taptic Engine. It is deeply integrated with the company’s iOS 10, which is why Apple was able to come up with a temporary fix in no time. Unfortunately, the user will be left up to the task of patching their latest iPhone issue, before any more issues start to appear in the future.

Previously, when there was a physical home button present, users would eventually run into issues and had to rely on limited solutions in order to access their iPhone. With the latest solid state home button incorporated, if you too run into this problem, it can temporarily be solved with the on-screen home button. Still, you will be advised to fix the problem as soon as you can possibly can.