iPhone 7 Concept Running iOS 10 Is Everything We Need In Our Lives – Images


New iPhone 7 concept running iOS 10 has just surfaced on the Web. With iOS 10 portrayed running on the device, the missing piece of the iPhone 7 puzzle has been found.

iPhone 7 Concept Running iOS 10 Looks On Point - We Need This Smartphone In Our Lives Right Now!

It's a given at this point that the iPhone 7 will be running iOS 10 out of the box. But all the iPhone 7 concepts we have seen in the past were shown running an iOS 9-esque operating system. Today's iPhone 7 concept from iphoned.nl (Google Translate) portrays a device that runs iOS 10, which was announced a few days ago at the opening WWDC 2016 keynote. It looks absolutely on point and we wish we could get our hands on it right away.

From a design point of view this new iPhone 7 concept looks similar to what we have seen in the past. It has the minimal antenna lines. The dual camera lens system. Smart Connector for connecting accessories. No headphone jack and whatnot. Take a look for yourself and see how the iPhone 7 concept running iOS 10.

The iPhone 7 is shaping up to be a wonderful device if concepts like these (based on rumors) are anything to go by. But of course things can change from a design point of view as we move closer towards the official announcement of the handset itself. For instance, it came to light a while back that Apple might not throw in a dual camera lens system in the iPhone 7 Plus due to technical difficulties. There is a chance this rumor will take a u-turn in the future as nothing is set in stone at this point in time. After all, things in the tech world are like a Chinese whisper, with information being diluted as it reaches the public from the source.

Apart from the above mentioned change there is a chance we will hear about more alternations pop up in the wild. Till then, we have concepts like these to keep our thirst for the iPhone 7 going at an all-time high. We also wish Apple doesn't end up throwing a spanner in the design process of the smartphone as well, bringing to users something which they didn't ever ask for.

Do let us know in the comments section below what you think about this iPhone 7 concept running iOS 10. Do you think Apple might have a rockstar smartphone in their hands once again?