iPhone 7 Battery Case Features a 26 Percent Larger Cell But It Will Still Cost You a Hefty Amount


Apple has announced a brand new Smart Battery Case for its iPhone 7 and before you ask, yes it still has the unpleasant looking hump at the back side. However, what’s special about this battery case is the fact that it will be able to deliver more battery life than the iPhone 6s battery case and here’s why.

iPhone 7 Smart Battery Case Features a 26 Percent Increase Over the iPhone 6s Smart Battery Case for the Same Price Tag – Doesn’t Make It Any More Affordable

There is absolutely no pricing difference between the iPhone 7 and iPhone 6s Smart Battery Case. You’ll still be required to spend $99 on this accessory, and if the unpleasant hump at the backside is something that you don’t want to lay your eyes on, then 3rd party accessory manufacturers will be releasing their own battery case offerings, so we’ll update you on those too.

For now, the iPhone 7 Smart Battery Case is able to deliver a 26 percent bump in battery capacity, and for those that do not know the capacity differences between them, allow me you to list them for you below:

  • iPhone 6s Smart Battery Case capacity: 1,877mAh
  • iPhone 7 Smart Battery Case capacity: 2,365mAh

The battery case features a slight redesign in order to cover the gap where the headphone jack used to go but unfortunately, Apple didn’t make any strides to make the hump go away. While we’re still waiting for the official iFixit iPhone 7 teardown, a TENAA listing shows that the 4.7-inch smartphone sports a 1,960mAh battery inside its hood. Apple has also provided its own metrics for its Smart Battery Case, which have been listed below:

  • Talk time up to 26 hours
  • Internet use up to 22 hours on LTE
  • Video playback up to 24 hours

The description of the accessory has also been detailed by Apple below:

“Charge your iPhone and battery case simultaneously for increased talk time up to 26 hours, Internet use up to 22 hours on LTE, and even longer audio and video playback. With the Smart Battery Case on, the intelligent battery status is displayed on the iPhone Lock screen and in Notification Center, so you know exactly how much charge you have left.”

If you’re eager to get your hands on the Apple Smart Battery Case, you can visit this link, or you can wait for better and cheaper offerings, but that will require you to muster some patience.