Does the 32GB Variant of iPhone 7 Use Slower Storage? Looks Like We’ll Find Out


Apple has finally rid itself of the 16GB storage models, which is a modicum amount of storage in devices that carry premium price tags. Unfortunately, it still looks like the 128GB models of iPhone 7 will deliver the sweet spot when it comes to pricing and performance because according to storage speed tests carried out, the 32GB storage variant has turned out to be inferior, despite featuring more internal memory.

Turns Out That the Storage Speed of 32GB iPhone 7 Is Actually Slower Than an iPhone 6s – See These Results for Yourself

In a detailed series of tests carried out by GSMArena, there were three devices that were taken for a storage speed test:

  • iPhone 6s 64GB
  • iPhone 7 32GB
  • iPhone 7 Plus 128GB

One would assume that since Apple’s iPhone 7 features better components compared to an iPhone 6s, it would outperform the company’s iPhone 6s in storage speed test results too right? Not quite, as the results had a very different story to tell. If you take a look at the scores’ image below, the only two scenarios where the 32GB variant of iPhone 7 is able to prove superior to the 64GB model of iPhone 6s is in the ‘5min 4K video copy’ and ‘PassMark Storage Write’ speed test results. In other tests, the previous generation iPhone completely blows it out of the water, which will definitely force you to question the company’s approach.

It is possible that Apple used slower storage while upping the total volume in order to keep the same price on iPhone 7 as the base storage model of iPhone 6s. Keep in mind that at launch, both the 32GB of iPhone 7 and 16GB of iPhone 6s retailed for $649, so it’s definitely a possibility that Apple used the aforementioned approach. Another question that you guys will be wondering if the same thing would happen to the 32GB model of iPhone 7 Plus. Unfortunately, the tests carried out did not include the phablet version of the iPhone, but when more updates come our way, we’ll definitely provide you with additional info on the matter.

For now, if you want to experience better storage speeds, it is highly recommended that you steer clear from purchasing the 32GB version of iPhone 7.