iPhone 6s Still Reigns Supreme Over Galaxy Note 7 in Latest Speed Run


In a raw performance-based test, it’s honestly sad to see that Apple’s iPhone 6s is still able to emerge the victor against Galaxy Note 7, whose features and a plethora of hardware upgrades currently make it the best Android phablet to purchase right now, albeit for a large asking price.

Video Shows How iPhone 6s Is Still the Faster of the Two Smartphones

The might of the A9 SoC coupled with the low-overhead mobile OS belonging to Apple clearly has its advantages, not to mention that the addition of 2GB LPDDR4 RAM also comes in handy in tight situations. This situation calls for a combination of superior hardware and optimization to come into play and despite the fact that the iPhone 6s was announced in 2015, it is still able to beat a Galaxy Note 7.

This could show that if Samsung pays a small amount of attention to its UI, which has improved significantly, then the speed test could have a much different story to tell. In terms of features, Galaxy Note 7 still offers a lot, and majority of its changes lies with camera improvement, a brand new charging port, a battery upgrade and how could we forget a dual curved edge display? Naturally, when iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus are announced, they will be taken for a speed run against Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7.

Unfortunately, because of the result we are looking at right now, it shouldn’t be hard to tell which smartphone is going to come out on top. While this speed run was most likely carried out to determine which smartphone gains the bragging rights of being the fastest, we have the utmost faith that the Galaxy Note 7 is still able to provide a seamlessly fluid experience to the user. Naturally, Android still has a long way to go, but in terms of a smooth-sailing experience with a Galaxy Note 7, you’re pretty much covered.

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