iPhone 6s Users Running Into Display Zoom Bug After Restoring From Backup


iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus related vows aren't going to end any time soon, with a new bug making the headlines just a while back, in which users are complaining that restoring from an iPhone 5s, 5 or 5c backup causes the display on the iPhone 6s to go buggy in some corners.

iPhone 6s 3

As usual, the Apple Support Communities is flooded with users complaining about the issue on their iPhone 6s. Once you restore an iPhone 5s, 5 or 5c backup using iCloud to iOS 9.x, you'll notice that some elements on your iPhone 6s display look zoomed in, and are cut off the screen in certain areas. The most prominent zoom effect can be felt in the Wallet app, where cards appear to be cut off around corners. But it's not just the Wallet app which is going through the issue. Other stock apps such as Weather, Watch, Health and Calculator are also seeing the same problem.

There's no permanent fix for the issue at this point, and users are advised to navigate to Settings > Display & Brightness > View and set the option to 'Zoomed' to fix things for the time being. While elements will look fine once the Zoomed option is enabled, but do keep in mind that everything else on your iPhone will also look bigger.

Apple is reportedly working on a fix for this issue and some users are even reporting that the problem does not exist in the third beta of iOS 9.1, which was released just a while back. So it's highly likely that the final release iOS 9.1 will answer the prayer call of a lot of users. Till then, you can either use the 'Zoomed' option to settle things down, or restore fresh to get things up to speed.


On a very personal note, we suggest that you do take the fresh restore route as it ensures that you get the best there is in terms of performance and battery life. Upgrading from an older firmware version to something new always displaces things in the process, and we wouldn't recommend doing it at times.

If you're interested in taking the fresh restore route, then be sure to check out our guide posted here on how you can do just that: How To Download / Install iOS 9, 9.0.1, 9.0.2 On iPhone, iPad, iPod touch The Right Way.

Are you facing the above mentioned issue on your iPhone 6s? Then do let us know about it.